A trip to Glasgow

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by Andy Mcgovern 207 Views

We took a trip to Glasgow at the weekend there. It was my wives birthday, so I thought I'd treat her to a nice weekend away!

I knew roughly what we would be doing, out for a meal, few drinks then back to the hotel. Then we would go visit a couple of art galleries the next day, but I figured I'd take a look and see what else there was to do in Glasgow.

I was on the look out for things to do in Glasgow when I came across that site, it allows the viewers to rank the best thing to do in Glasgow!

So here's what we ended up doing!

Day 1

When we first arrived in Glasgow we went straight to the Glasgow Central hotel and checked in. The room was lovely, slightly expensive but without a doubt worth it! After that took we just went for a walk and ended up at the St Enoch centre where we grabbed some lunch!

It's a bit chilly but one thing we both agreed on was how cool the strong accent these Glaswegians have!

On the way back we picked up a bottle of wine for drinking in the hotel while we got ready.

On Glasgow Today, they recommend Bath Street as a good street filled with great bars. So after getting ready we headed on up there and grabbed food at Bloc. Its quite a Grungy place but we were both up for the experience. After that we headed on up and went into Saint Judes, where we grabbed a couple of whiskies. However it was a tad pricey so we continued up the street until we found Slouch.

Which got better and better as the night went on! The music was a great, the seating was good and it had a gret atmosphere!

Day 2

We were slightly hungover today, so we just grabbed food in the hotel. Which by the way is lovely, if you're wanting to splurge out on a nice hotel for a romantic weekend away definetely come here!